Western men dating chinese women Free no sign up sexy web chars

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Western men dating chinese women

Today’s post won’t be any different, so better get ready …. ~ I’ve already explained why I think that it’s usually harder for Western women to find a Japanese man than it is for Western guys to find a Japanese woman. Today I want to list a few more possible reasons why Western women might not stand a chance against Japanese women. As most of you know there aren’t many “fat people” in Japan and what is available in shops is for the “average Japanese” with small feet, short legs and petite fingers plus a super slim body shape. But since I moved to Japan I’ve NEVER bought any shoes (apart from slippers). I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s quite difficult to find clothes if you’re overweight. Yes, even for European standards I might have large feet, BUT at least I can manage to find shoes in my size back home. There are so many adorable shoes for girls here in Japan. As you can see, most Japanese guys have smaller feet than me! Trousers, leggings and long sleeve shirts are always an issue. Sport shoes are available in my size (men shoes), but they’re too wide. No wonder I can’t compete with all the cute Japanese girls, when I’m the only one who can’t buy CUTE things!!!! For men most shoes go up to 28, sometimes 30, so if you have larger feet, you’ll run into similar problems as me. As I’m slim, I don’t have any issues squeezing myself into Japanese clothes, but most of the time they’re too short!Being a foreigner in Japan certainly has its good and its bad sides.I’ve mentioned some of the possibly inconvenient points today. Finding gloves where my long fingers fit in can also be a drama.

At least they’ve reacted in a way I’ve never seen a Western guy react to it. Well, maybe I am – and all is good, but I’m certainly not doing it on purpose ….

from Wikipedia (click to enlarge): Most women shoes are available up to 24/25, so if you have smaller feet, you can buy all those cute shoes. People seriously gave me the advice to look in a “drag queen shop” for lady shoes in my size. That’s taller than the average Japanese woman (158 cm / 5 ft 2 in), though.

It’s certainly going to be easier in big cities such as Osaka and Tokyo, but if you live in the countryside like me, you better stock up back home.

The good news is that for accessories size doesn’t matter.

Also, Japanese kids and teenagers are getting taller and taller recently.

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I’ve seen a lot of Japanese girls wearing heels when they went hiking. And I remember reading an article where a foreign guy wrote about his experience with Japanese girls and how they slammed the bathroom door in the morning when he tried to enter because she hasn’t “put on her mask” (a.k.a. He even wrote that he was sure he took a different person back home the night before.

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