Showing affection when dating

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Showing affection when dating

Once, the guy develops some feeling for you he will introduce ‘his world’.He will stare deeply in your eyes and a cute smile that follows is enough to tell you that he is falling for you.When you say, he has unapproachable quality and you have magnetic attraction, even more I see that you both must be like us.It will not change with time, if you are expecting it to change, you are trying to change him - which will not be him anymore. As you go deep into his life, you will find that whoever is close to him will be very close to him, like him a lot for his way of understanding things, his way of explaining them.This could be as simple as he doesn't know/doesn't like to express himself as you think.He may be liking you more than you want, you think but doesn't put it in words. When I was reading the details you have given, I felt it is like mine.I am not sure how you are, but when I say that people get attracted instantly to me, it is first introduction itself I can make a conversation and that too some of the personal topics people will feel easy to talk to me because of my approach towards that topic.

When he wants to buy something for our son, he does - nothing forced or demanded from him.

You may be more like friends than husband and wife and a long term companionship, if that is what you want, he can give that for sure.

I am just trying to give some of the incidents in my life, to make you understand how things will be.

So, it is definitely a smooth ride for me and he also likes my company - can't imagine a life without me or with somebody else.

We have come thus far and we are ready to go till the end of the journey.

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Suddenly, you will become part of his activities and life and you are invited for movies, TV, games, shows etc.

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