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I am a chemist, who has learned many things and with many experience. You see we are not without any chance in Your country. and my cousin Ferdy Midelburg help together, it will not be difficult for You this affidavit to give. I am sure when I am in USA in a few months I speak all what I need. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, 13 Sept 1938 Dear Cousin Max, It is with much pleasure that I can write you this letter to inform you that I am doing everything in my power to arrange for your coming to this country ...The two men who wrote those letters were cousins who had never met and had virtually nothing in common beyond being Jews.But suddenly, in 1938, the German cousin desperately needed help from his American cousin.During the Depression, the Schohls set up a soup kitchen for Florsheim's poor.Julius Hess, the American, was 41, married with no children, a quiet, somewhat meek man who had never been to college or war and did not own a car.

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Max Schohl, the German, was 54 that year, a renaissance man who spoke several languages, an inventor, entrepreneur, hunter, skier and community leader.