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Vo IP Gateways allow you to use standard PSTN lines (Analog, BRI or E1/T1 PRI lines) with .

There is no need to use a Vo IP provider – if you have a good telecoms provider PSTN lines can still provide a very reliable service. Although 3CX can work with any gateway that correctly supports the SIP standard, its often preferable to stick with a Vo IP Gateway that is specifically supported by 3CX.

Two daily maps are produced, one representative of the morning and one of the afternoon.

This allows us to recognize processes and forms, which influence morphological and hydraulic character of high gradient channels.

Further, in this study is described a way of estimating intensity of bedload sediment transport during floods.

For the whole research community at the Institute of Geonics, the workshop gives a possibility to follow new results and progress in work of the Ph. The thematic blocks of lectures are as follows Geotechnics and mathematical modelling Geomorphology and geophysics Landscape and geoecology Physical geography Human geography Cartography, Earth remote sensing, geoinformatics As a part of the workshop, we invite some well known specialists in the covered fields.

In this year a special lecture entitled The utilization of mathematical modelling of underground water flow for the solution of problems of mining hydrogeology is given by N. Let us thank to all the authors for preparing and presenting their contributions, N.

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Small headwater streams with weak or ephemeral fluvial transport are recognized as colluvial channels [2].

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