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The problems that arise from this situation are multiple; here are some of the major issues: 1) Corruption of a student of knowledge’s intentions.We, students, are human and love women just as much as the next man (I’m going to get in trouble for saying that), so when we are trying to teach Islam and keep ourselves and our thoughts chaste, the female fans don’t make it easy for us.I debated with myself for many months on whether to write about this topic or not.It is a controversial issue and many people might misunderstand the article.Below are the peak ground acceleration maps for the Sep 4th earthquake and below it the February 22nd earthquake that I found on the Geo Net website (click on the image to see the full images at the GNS website): These maps show the peak ground acceleration at particular points (coloured boxes), with a few landscape features sketched in.The black lines are coastlines and rivers, the red lines roads.

Note: This is not meant to be a generalization about Muslim women, if it applies to you then take benefit, if it does not then use it to assist others who it might apply to, but do not take offence as that is not my intention.Earthquakes don’t just shake things sideways they toss them upwards too, like my uncle’s bath.Things that go up have to come back down; not everything is built to take that well.Originally, and it was naive of me, I thought Islamic work would put me in a position in which I would not have to deal with these situations. There is a trend among contemporary, practicing Muslims which I find rather disturbing, this trend is what I call a “Shaykhy Crush”.I have noticed at many Islamic events, from classes to conferences, practicing Muslim women who follow the Deen in dress and Ibadah, developing crushes and falling in love with the speakers and teachers. The following are a few real life examples I have encountered: 1) At an Islamic course, some sisters were discussing how handsome the that she is no longer satisfied with her husband as she is only attracted to students of knowledge now.

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A married sister told her teacher that she is unsatisfied with her husband and had a dream that she was married to him.