Porsha stewart dating

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Porsha stewart dating

"I work for a conservative individual," Todd explained. He mumbled something about how he wanted to "enjoy" her.

Kenya began harassing Porsha about her anger management classes, and Porsha said she felt "completely ambushed." Kandi, who had also had her run-ins with Porsha in the past, said she didn't think Porsha was going to anger management at all. " she added before getting in her car and speeding off. It was unclear what was happening exactly, but suddenly Kenya was crouched on the pavement, duck-walking around. (Kenya said she was dipping down to Sheree's level or something — it hardly mattered.) Porsha later returned and ate with Sheree and Phaedra.

Her reaction probably wasn't what he'd hoped. "Finding out that Todd has left his job for me feels irresponsible and that takes away the security in our relationship," she explained to the camera. Still, this rash decision had left a very bad taste in her mouth.

Porsha Tells Todd He's Scary Porsha called Todd's decision "hasty" and was clearly irked that he hadn't run it by her first (though to be fair, it sounded like they didn't give him a whole lot of time to decide). She then reminded him that she hadn't been looking for a boyfriend; she just wanted to have a baby. "I just feel like Todd doesn't take things serious.

Todd said she wanted "a family," but that seemed like maybe more along the lines of what he wanted. It's kind of eye-opening." Detroit or Bust Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore headed to the camp for the kids of Flint, Michigan, that Phaedra was busy supporting.

Upon arrival, Kenya asked if was "like a prison camp," because she didn't like the size of her bed.

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“They’ve been friends for years and she asked if Todd would do her a favor for a good story line in hopes to not get kicked off the show,”the source continued.

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