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As she was found among creeper plants, they named the child Valli and she grew up as princess of the tribe Kurinji and became the consort of lord Murugan The romantic traditions of Murugan in Sangam literature are thus claimed to be associated with the name Kodaikanal.By integrating these meanings, Kodaikanal is "that place at the end of Valli's forest which is a gift in the summer".Founded in 1898, the Kodaikanal Observatory of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics is one of the oldest observatories in the world.The phenomenon of radial motion in sunspots was discovered here.

It evokes the geographic thinai of the mountainous region of Kurinji.This place is also famous for the Kurinji flower which blossoms only once every 12 years.and a Taluk division of Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.This 20-acre botanical garden was planned and built in 1908 by a forest officer from Madurai called H. You’ll also find here an eucalyptus tree dating back to 1857 and an ancient bodhi tree amidst rare flowers and hybrids. Coaker in 1872, Coaker’s Walk is a paved pedestrian path cut along the steep southern slopes of Kodai.The walk winds around Mount Nebo and provides a panoramic view of places such as Valley of the Pamba River, Dolphin's Nose, Periyakulam, and even the city of Madurai.

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