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Chatter among frayed-looking students is mainly focused on exams: How many done? But the conversation of Julie Thomas, Marie Stuart and Kaley Williams reveals how different this university is from other campuses across the country.

The students have just finished lunch and the conversation has turned to other things: the word of God, the vocation of teaching and why homosexual behaviour can't be tolerated among people who call themselves Christians. The battle is now headed for the Supreme Court of Canada, pitting the university's claim of religious rights against the licensing body's claim of human rights.

She said there’s nothing unusual about a court allowing an intermittent sentence and her son was not treated differently.

“They offered him an opportunity to better himself and I don’t understand what the problem is with that.” In interviews with Postmedia and CBC News, the victim’s mother said Neurauter was given special treatment by the courts throughout the trial and that it’s unfair he has the opportunity to finish his semester before going to jail.

“On the other hand, expelling a student is a very serious matter and if that is not required for the safety of the students, that may be too harsh a penalty.” Mac Kay led a study on campus-based sexual violence at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax after a video surfaced showing student leaders singing a chant about underage sex during orientation week.

He said he’s not surprised the latest case is drawing so much outrage at a time when accusations of sexual assault and harassment have been toppling the careers of some of the most powerful men in Hollywood, the press and politics.

She said her son has been threatened online and she’s heard students are demanding class lists to find out where he’s going to be on campus.We have no grounds on which to expel him.” Marshall said the university’s position does not mean that it condones sexual violence, harassment or puts the rights of a convicted individual over the safety of the university community.He said Neurauter has not been on campus since Tuesday, and has been advised not to return for the remainder of the term.In November, Neurauter, 21, pleaded guilty in a Kamloops, B.C., court to one count of sexual interference with a minor.

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In fact, they must put this in writing before they can be admitted. College of Teachers says the rules display an inherent bias against homosexuals and has refused to let Trinity Western train teachers. Students, weighed down with books, bags and knapsacks, trot along the paths and sidewalks.