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If so run the workflow normally otherwise end the workflow.

In your case if you like to update 100 items and won't let the workflow to be started.

Also it would run on each Item Updating event, checking if this document is approved. But maybe there is just a flag for a file i could use like set it as readonly or final? Solutions which would affect only docx format are also welcome for evaluation. It's designed for compliance (HIPAA, SOX, etc.) to store items that should never be changed.

You can work on items and mess with them, then when they are ready, you send them to the records center for read-only archival.

If you’re familiar with them, you may have noticed that in several of the application templates we use a bit of Javascript to set default form values based on the query string.

Because we found this to be useful in many different cases throughout our applications, I wanted to share our method with you guys so that you can include it in the applications you develop. It’s pretty easy to set a field’s default value through the list settings in the browser UI, so why might you need Javascript to set a default field value?

After you finished updating the items this can be set to "Allow" again and workflows will start normally.

When the body is loaded, the onload event handler executes each function whose name is contained in this array.Users can change their state as “Away” or “Busy” when in reality they are very much available.OCS tracks this in backend DB as userstate (state set by the user) and machinestate (state he really is in). But as you have seen (as shown in the article) getting userstate and machinestate is little tricky.get Tag From Identifier And Title The most important part of our solution is the “get Tag From Identifier” function.This function finds the HTML element rendered by a given Share Point Form Field control.

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The reason is that Lookup Form Fields are rendered with different HTML when the target list contains more than 20 items.

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