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Reading accounts and facts about the filming of is just about as much fun as actually watching the movie.

From on-set injuries to international censorship, there is a definite internet wormhole there to waste some time in.

It feels right at home next to the films, but is also an entity of its own.

Campbell clearly hasn’t lost any of his charm or comic timing over the years, and has slid right back into Ash’s sleazy, doofy skin with ease. Check out the new trailer below, and look for our full Comic-Con panel recap soon.

) on Starz with star Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash, “the chainsaw-handed, Deadite-killing stock boy who is drawn back into the battle against the Evil Dead after living peacefully for the last 30 years.” This trailer is absolutely perfect.

It’s everything you could possibly want from Evil Dead 30 years later.

For all its charm and popularity, is by no means a perfect movie.

Despite its sparse storyline, is not short on elements that would later become Sam Raimi signatures.Since the budget was extremely low, and where they where filming was secluded in the woods, live ammunition was used for a couple of scenes.Scenes such as when Ash shoots the window, and also a dummy filled with blood was shot.captures lightning in a bottle by striking the perfect balance between fun and eerie.It’s no wonder that a movie that is such a joy to watch would be crazy to make, and there are some great stories to prove it.

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Plot synopses of this movie online are typically on the shorter side—most of them no longer than a sentence—and there is a reason for that.

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