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Nowadays it contains the chapels of St Joseph, Joachim, and Anne (Mary's parents) and the tomb of Queen Melisende of Jerusalem.

The crypt is still very mysterious because there is no physical evidence to verify the story which has been alive since ancient times.

Nowadays, it's hard to find real artifacts that are said to be left by the Virgin Mother, but there is one place which is still traditionally associated with her.

As to his “god” status, that’s just religion’s designation.

They believed that it was the burial place of the prophet Isa’s (Jesus’) mother.

In 1130 AD, when the Crusaders arrived in Jerusalem, they rebuilt the church and installed Benedictines there.

In the beginning a mythical being created everything from nothing. That being would also have to be something sitting in something previously before it could created everything from nothing.

You can't take 2 nothings and create another something.

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The Virgin Mary is one of the world most famous women from the ancient world.