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Arahet online dating

De marketingcampagne richtte zich op de vele kleinere webshops in Nederland en België, die minder dan 100.000 pakketten per jaar doen.Resultaat: 220% meer klanten, 200% meer pakketten en een forse omzetstijging.There is a tendency of increased significance of the Yerevan dialect within Armenia.Generally, Armenian television channels use the Yerevan dialect instead of the standard Armenian, especially in their entertaining shows, which causes them to be criticized by linguists.The historical dialect spoken in Yerevan was usually referred to as Araratian, because Yerevan is located in the Ararat plain.The Araratian dialect was widespread, with rich vocabulary and pronunciation similar to the Classical Armenian.

The first known written work in the Yerevan dialect dates back to the 13th century by Vardan Bardzaberdtsi: "Ամենու սիրտն հետ քեզ լաւ են, եւ քեզ աղօթք են առնում." The 17th century Armenian merchant from Nakhichevan, Zak'aria Aguletsi (c.

In 1841, the prominent Armenian writer Khachatur Abovian completed his Wounds of Armenia novel that was written in Yerevan dialect.

The importance of its dialect grew in 1918, when Yerevan became the capital of the First Republic of Armenia.

During the Soviet period (1920-1991), the Eastern Armenian language and the Yerevan dialect were heavily influenced by the predominant Russian language and by the late 1980s the Russification was considered harmful to the future of Armenian.

is spoken by at least 1 million people who live in Yerevan.

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Khachatur Abovian who is considered the founder of the modern Eastern Armenian literary language, wrote in Araratian dialect as he was born in Kanaker, a village near Yerevan then and a district of Yerevan now.